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Hi, my name is Thorsten. I am ranking in the Top 1% of more than 2.6 million people in Advertising Services on LinkedIn.
Nothing works and you don´t know what´s wrong? It´s time to speak with an expert. No strings attached. Just you and me talking about your business.

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All the clever little secrets that will make your business shine like a star and your competitors say WTF?

Your Pain Points

Anything that stops you from being successful online

Your Business Model

Let´s fix your products, positioning & storytelling

Your Quick Wins

Transformational insights to kickstart your business now

Your Website

How to optimize for highest conversion rates

Your Marketing

Proven strategies to multiply leads & cut ad costs in half

Your LinkedIn Profile

Stand out of the crowd and make new clients find you

The BEST Strategies

Enough small talk! Let´s cut straight to what really works

B2B Lead Generation

Find prequalified clients that say “Shut up & take my money”

The BEST Tools

Awesome tools that change the game and multiply results
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Hey my name is Thorsten

Benefit from my 17+ years of experience in Online Marketing – I offer transformational live workshops, award-winning marketing planning, and 1:1 consulting to elevate your business to the next level.

And hey, according to LinkedIn I am ranking in the Top 1% of more than 2.6 million people in the Advertising Services industry. See the Screenshot below. 

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