Professional Ad Campaign Management as a Service for the most popular ad channels.


Our mission is to enable Everyone to run Enterprise-Level advertising without breaking the bank to hire an inhouse team or marketing agency. Let Captain Facebook and Instagirl battle your unprofitable Dollar sucking ad campaigns.

The Perfect Audience
We fix your goals and find highly targeted and best converting custom audiences. Every time.
Optimized by AI
Automatically optimized campaigns by artificial intelligence for best performance.
One Flatrate Price
Simple and transparent pricing! We never charge an extra percentage of your adspend or budget.


Did you know that getting more traffic to your website is as easy as pushing a light switch? Same for scaling reach and engagement with your blog content. You can just turn it on and off with Facebook Ads whenever you want.

Best for Brand Building
Instant Traffic to your Website
Supercharge your Content Promotion
More Likes. More Comments. More Shares.
Include Hashtags for Riding Social Trends


Building your Email List is perfect for warming-up cold leads with automated Campaigns that demonstrate your product's value. Segment your audience by opportunity to reach out at exactly the right time and no additional cost.

Best for Email List Building
Segment your New Cold Leads
Trigger Automated Campaigns
Addon: Viral Lead Gen Competitions


Let´s be honest for a second - Whenever you think you need more traffic to your website, you actually mean, MORE SALES, right? So cut the BS# and start a direct Conversion campaign and go for that CA$H!

Best for boosting your Sales & ROI
Target ONLY your Perfect Audience
Optimize, Repeat & Automate your Income
Lower your Costs of Acquisition per Customer
You know you want that CA$H Maschine


According to the Rule of 7, it takes an average of 7 interactions to convert cold leads into a new customer. It´s also much cheaper to retain an already existing customer than to buy new leads every time.

Best for Warming-Up Potential Customers (Rule of 7)
Upload your own warm Customer Lists
Easily create Lookalike Audiences
Upsell to Customer Segments
Cap the Display Frequency


What if you could AUTOMATICALLY get the best result for each campaign? All ads constantly monitored 24/7 and optimizations applied instantly. Find the perfect audience and avoid human error by default. Just like MAGIC.

24/7 Campaign Monitoring with AI
Better, Faster, Stronger AI-Optimization
AI-Optimizations applied Instantly
Automations triggered per User Action



Outsourcing your Ad Campaign Management has never been easier. Just sign up to our service, connect your ad channel and provide some basic info. Then lean back and watch those new conversions roll in.

Everything is counted in campaigns. One campaign is a set of ads that will have one goal, one budget and one target audience. 

Keep in mind that you might need several complimentary goals (for example Traffic, Retargeting and Conversions) to reach your desired targets. 

You can always add more campaigns as you go later. 

We are using Easynote as the Project Management System where we plan and keep track of all the tasks related to your campaigns. 

Once you sign up we will invite you to a new project.

Meistertask is already set up with a number of tasks that you need to complete, to provide all the needed data to start the campaigns for you. 

Please note that we cannot start before you have fully completed all the necessary steps.

You need to grant our specialists access to your own ads manager account. 

All the ads will be available directly inside your own account and stay there, even when you stop working with us. 

This also means, that you will be billed by the ad channel for your adspend budget. 

Once you have provided all the data, we are going to create one highly-targeted ad campaigns for each goal. 

We will make sure that the ads compliment each other to represent your brand image.

Better than human. All of our campaigns will get connected to AI optimization tools, which means they are constantly monitored and tweaked to the best performance.

Don´t worry about puzzling over statistics. We will automatically send you a comprehensible PDF report at the end of each month to keep you updated on your progress. 



The average advertising agency charges about 20-25% of your ad spend - which means they earn more with every Dollar you spend, inflating your overall marketing costs. We only charge by number of campaigns instead - no matter how much you spend on ads.


299 EUR

equals 319 USD or 252 GBP
per Month per Ad Campaign

Select your ONE Ad Channel
Select your ONE goal
Up to 2 Ad Sets per Campaign
Project Management Tool
A / B Split Testing
AI Optimization
PDF Reports

599 EUR

equals 639 USD or 506 GBP
per Month per 3 Ad Campaigns

Select up to 3 Ad Channels
Select up to 3 Goals
Up to 4 Ad Sets per Campaign
Project Management Tool
A/B Split Testing
AI Optimization
PDF Reports
Custom & Lookalike Audiences
Dedicated Ad Manager
Optional Addon Services



Throwing more traffic on a website that does not convert is NOT the solution. You need some professional setup to help convert new leads into buying customers.

Your ad visuals are only so lala? Want swipe-worthy Video Stories for Instagram instead? No problem! We can set you up with super cool visuals that evoke emotions. Tailor made in any size and for any channel.
Sending qualified traffic from paid advertising to just any page is a total waste of money. You need a high converting landing page that is dedicated to just that one goal.
Still trying to marry every customer on the first date? Better warm up new leads with a fully automated Sales Funnel build to convert cold leads into new customers by telling your story at the users own pace.
Still sending emails with a spreadsheet CRM? Better set up an automated email campaign with interactive triggers for sending individual offers and educate people with the right message every time.
Supercharge your List Building with fresh new leads invited by your new users themselves. Create an irresistible offer with the power to go viral on Social Media and spark some Word of Mouth on Steroids.
Hire from our vetted pool of expertly trained remote ad managers at about 50% the costs of an employed marketing manager. Only 6 months minimum contract then monthly at no additional costs.

Ready to outsource your Ad Management & finally SCORE BIG with paid ads?

Best for In-House Marketing Teams, Business Consultants, SaaS Startups, Indie Brands, and fast-growing Agencies.



Open the tabs below to find the answer to each specific question.

Click the button below to ask your specific question and we feature your answer in a short video.

We support these ad channels (in Alphabetical Order):

Amazon Ads

Apple Ads

Facebook Ads

Google Search 

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Reddit (DM Lead Gen)

TikTok (Creator Marketplace)

Twitter Ads

YouTube Ads

Let´s clarify the terms to avoid any confusion:

A campaign is the main term that describes your mission. It can have one goal, one target audience, and different ad sets that all share the same budget. 

A goal is the target action (conversion) that your potential user should perform.

A target audience is a defined user persona.

An ad set can be a group of different visuals, texts and links. But they target the same goal and audience and share the main campaign budget. 


Yes, you can! Switch from any agency and keep all your previous ads alive as they are inside your ads manager account.

You do. You always own all the rights to all campaigns that we create for you.

No, you don´t! All campaigns are created right inside your own ads manager and will stay there when you cancel your subscription. You already paid us for that work, so it´s all yours!

We know that most other agencies create the Facebook ads inside their external ads manager account to be able to cut you off from your campaigns when you cancel your subscription. But we understand that this is your business, so we will never lock you into any dependency to us.

You do! We create all ads right inside your own ads manager account, so you have to pay the bills to Facebook and Co. 

We know that most agencies are charging you the budget to manage it themselves, but that is just a trick to claim more statistical revenue for their agency ranking. 

Yes, we do. It’s no secret that other agencies outsource their campaign management to us, because they save a ton and charge you extra. Who knows, maybe you are already our customer and don’t even know it?

As per definition, one campaign has one goal and shares the same budget among a group of ad sets.  

Funnel campaigns target several goals and different audience types, which could cover several ad channels. 

But, we recommend a group of 3 funnel ads to be rolled out on the same ad channel to better support each other.

For example: You want to sell a product. 

The first campaign could have the goal "Engagement" to a cold audience. This is to spark first interest in the product. There will be not many sales as people learn about a new product for the first time. It´s main goal is to train the algorithm to identify the best audience type, especially when you start advertising for the first time with no reference data.

The second campaign could have the goal "Leads". It´s a retargeting audience to the people that have interacted with your first campaign. This collects email addresses to send an email sequence that explains your product and generates sales through a series of emails and offers.

The third campaign could have the goal "Conversion", and more exactly "Sale". This is a retargeting campaign to a warm audience aimed at people that have performed certain predefined actions, reached a certain stage of your funnel or a custom audience automatically created by certain parameters in your cart system. The main goal is to push for a direct sale. 

This is just a general oversimplification that might sound more complicated than it really is. But rest assured that we know exactly what we are doing and even dig much deeper into goals, audiences and retargeting behavior as your campaigns progress over the months. 

Depends 😉 Mainly on your target audience, products and intended conversion goals. Reach out to our support team to discuss the best combination of ad channels for your individual business case. 

Yes, we can. Please reach out to our support team to discuss the quantity of ads you would like to have optimized and we give you a quote. 

Yes, you can. Scale or lower your adspend budgets at any time. Just change the corresponding field inside our campaign management tool and we will apply the change to your campaign asap. 

Yes, you can. Just add more campaigns to your project at anytime as the ROI of your business grows.

We are using a project management tool to keep all your customer data and manage all your ad campaigns. You can easily communicate any changes to your profile or campaigns inside your account. 

Yes, of course! We will set up automatic monthly campaign PDF reporting for your ad accounts. Everything is easy to understand. No need to figure out overcomplicated statistics all by yourself in the confusing Facebook ads manager.