Is your WordPress website safe from Hacker attacks?
Did you know that WordPress powers 43% of the internet? That´s 800 million websites. But only about 6 million have any security plugins installed. What about the other 794 million?
WordPress is vulnerable out of the box. It´s a hacker´s wet dream and a botnet favorite with more than 400 million attacks on a daily basis! I am shocked to find that most web agencies do NOT install any security or even enable backups. This might lead to a complete loss of your website.
If your website is a valuable business asset to you, then it´s about time to tell your Web Agency to take your WordPress Security seriously! I am offering to fix that for you with this new service. You can start with a simple Security Audit for just 99 Euros to know what´s going on or fix the most common security problems in one go and save 496 Euros with the All-Inclusive Package.
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