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Redeem your Workshop

Step 1

Please complete the form below to provide your Redeem Code or Invoice Number and all the information that we need to provide you access to your private Workshop for the Miro Whiteboard. 

Step 2

Your submission needs manual approval to avoid cheating. This can take up to 24 hours on workdays. Please do not expect approvals on weekends or holidays.

Step 3

Once approved, you will receive an invitation email to your Miro Whiteboard, where you can register for free and then access your Workshop. 

Please note that Miro provides a free account for up to 3 whiteboards. So you do not have to pay an additional fee for Miro.

– – – 

Optional: Zoom Workshop

If you add additional codes for a private 1:1 Zoom Workshop, you will receive an extra email including a Calendly Link to schedule the meeting. 

Submit the Email Address that you want us to use to invite you to the board. If you already have a Miro account, use this email.