Hi, my name is Thorsten


With 17+ years of experience, I am ranking in the Top 1% of more than 2.6 million people in Advertising Services on LinkedIn.

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Hire me as External CMO
Hire me as External CMO

Hi, my name is Sylvia


My background in Finance and Insurance and my Bachelor in Media Studies with focus on Adult Education open up unique benefits to work with governmental institutions and SMBs alike.

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Our European Project Managers will create your individual Marketing strategy, based on your pain points, business model and future goals.
Protect your financial resources against the excessive overhead costs and payroll taxes to maintain a full-time, in-house CMO, and save a ton of money for growing your business.

Your Pain Points

Anything that stops you from being successful online

Your Business Model

Let´s fix your products, positioning & storytelling

Your Quick Wins

Transformational insights to kickstart your business now

Your Website

How to optimize for highest conversion rates

Your Marketing

Proven strategies to multiply leads & cut ad costs in half

Your LinkedIn Profile

Stand out of the crowd and make new clients find you

The BEST Strategies

Enough small talk! Let´s cut straight to what really works

B2B Lead Generation

Find prequalified clients that say “Shut up & take my money”

The BEST AI Tools

Awesome tools that change the game and multiply results

We speak English – und Deutsch 🙂

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Your remote office is wherever you are online. Stay ahead of your tasks with a simple Video Call.
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Email & Project Management Tool

We manage tasks with Asana and Meistertask Project Management tools and communicate by Email.
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Monday to Friday 10 AM to 1 PM CET
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Easy, Affordable & Efficient!
Your in-house team is too expensive? Nothing works and you don´t know what´s wrong? It´s time to speak with an expert. No strings attached. Just you and us talking about your business.

Hire me as External CMO

“…The collaboration was excellent, as Sylvia was always proactive in contributing ideas, always thinking one step ahead and perfectly organized…This allowed us to significantly increase our network and reach…”


Daniela Grass

Head of Marketing at Iftra

Digital Agency for the Care Industry

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1.500 EUR

Per Week.
No Contracts.
No Extra Costs.

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What are the benefits of hiring an external CMO?


All the clever little secrets that will make your business shine like a star and your competitors say “WTF?”

Hire me as External CMO

“Your workshop wasn´t just a workshop. It was an amazing journey through “Next Step Technologies”. Very entertaining and valuable. Thank you Thorsten Hunsicker. Keep up the good stuff. Awesome.”


Takis Georgopoulos

Head of Marketing

Audi & Volkswagen Euskirchen

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BENEFIT FROM OUR Expertise and Experience

Access to a seasoned marketing professional with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Exposure to diverse marketing strategies and best practices from different industries.

Get Fresh Perspectives

Gain new insights and innovative ideas from an outsider’s viewpoint. Challenge the status quo and introduce creative approaches to marketing campaigns.

Best Cost Efficiency

Potentially lower costs compared to hiring a full-time, in-house CMO with benefits and overhead expenses. No need to invest in ongoing training and development.

Flexibility and Scalability

Scale marketing efforts up or down based on business needs without the complexities of hiring or downsizing a permanent employee. Adapt quickly to changing market conditions with a readily available external resource.

Secure Idea Playground

Test as many ideas as you want to in a secure environment before you spend a single Dollar on resources and development time.

Focus on Core Competencies

Allow the internal team to concentrate on their core functions by delegating the marketing responsibilities to an external CMO. Enhance productivity and efficiency in other business areas.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Expedite marketing initiatives as external CMOs are equipped to swiftly execute strategies without internal bureaucracy.

Objective Decision-Making

Make unbiased decisions as an external CMO isn’t emotionally tied to the organization’s culture or politics. Prioritize data-driven choices and strategic planning.

Access to Networks and Resources

Tap into the external CMO’s professional network, potentially opening doors to partnerships, collaborations, and new opportunities. Leverage their connections for sourcing specialized marketing tools and resources.

Risk Mitigation

Minimize risks associated with internal personnel changes, such as turnover, illness, or conflict. Maintain consistent marketing efforts even during internal disruptions.

Measurable Results

Hold the external CMO accountable through measurable performance metrics and outcomes. Focus on achieving tangible goals and ROI.

Short-Term Engagements

Engage an external CMO for specific projects, campaigns, or periods, avoiding long-term commitments. Tailor the relationship based on evolving marketing needs.

Learning Opportunity

Internal team members can learn from the external CMO’s expertise and gain valuable skills and knowledge.



Remember that the success of outsourcing your marketing to an external CMO depends on careful selection, clear communication, and alignment with your business objectives.

The minimum consulting term is only 1 month. After that you can keep up your consulting for as long as you want or cancel anytime. If you’re not happy in any given month you can call it quits. No hard feelings, no questions asked.

We are doing marketing consulting only, which means we ask you a lot of questions about your business and your future goals. Then we will advise you on the best potential strategies that should lead to the most profitable outcome. You alone decide if you want to follow our suggestions. Your team can manage the tasks under our supervision.

Yes, you will automatically receive a monthly invoice that complies to the EU TAX regulations. Companies outside of Spain, please provide a valid company tax number to be tax exempt based on reverse charge regulation. If you are outside of the EU, you don´t have to pay any additional tax.

We don´t work on an hourly basis. This is a consulting flatrate. You need help – you schedule a call. We answer every question you have and help set up a working marketing strategy with project management milestones.

You pay a monthly subscription through Stripe starting on the first day of your consulting. It repeats for as long as you don´t cancel the subscription. When you cancel, the consulting stops at the end of the last paid time period.

We are available through email and will answer according to our office hours as soon as possible. When you want to schedule an extra video call you can use the forms below. You can book free time slots up to 30 days in advance but a minimum of one day prior. It is not possible to schedule on the same day. We usually have fixed schedules weekly.

The budget you need depends on what you want to archive in which timeline. We have experience with big spenders as well as bootstrapping on a shoestring budget. But you should understand that you need an additional budget for paid options if you want to get significant results fast.

You can receive ongoing consulting for as long as you need it. Usually, we work with our clients for several months or even years. Even the best marketing strategy needs constant optimization based on real life results or market changes.


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No overcomplicated pricing plans or tricky budget-per-task comparisons. Get unrestricted access to your personal external CMO and Unlimited Consulting. Ask anything and get honest answers.

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