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Hi, my name is Thorsten. I am ranking in the Top 1% of more than 2.6 million people in the Advertising industry on LinkedIn.
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What are we gonna talk about?


Let´s admit it: AI is eating the world, and especially, the marketing landscape is changing faster than anyone can keep up with. New AI tools emerge every single day with never-seen-before features that are eating your good old marketing strategy for breakfast.

BUT, this is also a perfect opportunity for anyone new to marketing to acquire a high-on-demand skillset and outrun your competitors’ teams of VAs and interns FAST! Let´s talk about all the little secrets that will make you shine like a star and your competitors say WTF?

Your Pain Points

Anything that stops you from being successful online

Your Business Model

Let´s fix your products, positioning & storytelling

Your Quick Wins

Transformational insights to kickstart your business now

Your Website

How to optimize for highest conversion rates

Your Marketing + AI

Proven strategies to multiply leads & cut ad costs in half

Your Social Selling

Stand out of the crowd and make new clients find you

Your Sales Funnel

Without a Funnel you are missing out of 98% of Sales

Your Content Strategy

Multiply content production & repurpose it with AI tools

Your Lead Generation

Find prequalified clients that say “Shut up & take my money”

The BEST Strategies

Enough small talk! Let´s cut straight to what really works

The BEST Tools

Awesome AI tools that change the game and multiply results

The BEST Workflows

No more Duct tape! Learn what can be optimized using AI

How much does it cost?


Transform your marketing strategies with our weekly newsletter and video group calls, fully packed with the latest AI insights, best-practice workflows, and expert guidance, designed to deliver maximum value at minimal cost.

Weekly Group Call Schedule

Weekly Group Call Schedule

US + EU TIMEZONE – Tuesdays 9 AM PDT / 6 PM CEST
EU + AUS TIMEZONE – Wednesdays 10 AM CEST / 6 PM AEST
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