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More than 43% of the worldwide web is running WordPress websites. But 99% of them are unsecured and wide open for automated bot attacks. As experienced WordPress experts, we are keeping your website safe with multilayered Anti-Hacker Security since 2016!

*get a full refund when you buy the All-Inclusive Package

WordPress is the #1 CMS



WordPress is the #1 CMS...

According to w3techs WordPress powers more than 43% of the 2 billion websites on the internet. That is about 800 Million websites, but only about 6 Million of those run any security plugin at all. What about the other 794 Million?

and a Hackers Favorite!

Some of the most popular and highly trafficked domains run on WordPress. As a hacker´s favorite target, it is being attacked 400 Million times per day by fully automated hacks from bot networks!

Wanna know if your Business is safe?

*get a full refund when you buy the All-Inclusive Package

a hack can happen anytime to anyone


It happened to me once...

In 2016 I had one unprotected WordPress page hacked and lost my whole client-server with about a dozen fully-developed websites to a spreading worm.

This was caused by a single-site malware injection. The hosting company didn´t help at all and left me with all the damage and financial compensation.

but will never happen again!

That´s when I started taking WordPress Security seriously and now safeguard all my client websites with multiple layers of protection. 

Since, I have defended against the most severe brute force attacks, stopped hundreds of bot attacks, and blocked several thousand bot networks. 

best in class security

Anti-Hacker Security for WordPress

Multilayer Security Setup to keep your WordPress up-to-date, safe from attacks, keep the bots out, and give you peace of mind.

WordPress Security is a tricky beast. It requires a combination of complementary tools to make it airtight. The setup process is an artform all by itself that requires experience and knowledge of the default weak spots of WordPress.


249 EUR

equals 265 USD or 210 GBP

Double Layer Security Checks
2-Factor Authentication
Enforced Login Security
Brute Force Protection
Global Firewall Rules
IP Blocks & Lockouts
SSL Data Encryption
Hide Login Page

249 EUR

equals 265 USD or 210 GBP

Remote Vault Backup Restore Point
Daily Backups to remote Server
7-Day After Hack Restore
Download Backups
1-Click Restores
better safe than sorry

Daily Backups & 1-Click Restores

Did you know that not every hosting company supports all security plugins or even assists you in the case of a hack or malware injection? In the worst case, you even lose all of your data and even the whole website. You better have a core backup in a remote vault at hand when this happens!

That´s why it is necessary to find the best combination of hosting and the tools you use. Again, this only comes with years of experience.

compliance is mandatory

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

You probably think that lame old Cookie Banner you are showing to your website visitors means your website is GDPR compliant? Well, think again, because it´s absolutely not! You could actually get sued for non-compliance!

There is much more necessary to comply with the legislation, even when you don´t live inside the EU. Compliance is required for everyone that wants to sell to EU customers. The same goes for the CCPA compliance in California.

Better safe than sorry. Time to get that checked and updated!


249 EUR

equals 265 USD or 210 GBP

GDPR + CCPA Compliance
WP Plugins Management
Cookies Documentation
Individual User Settings
Forget my Data Form
Auto-Privacy Policy
Legal imprint

249 EUR*

equals 265 USD or 210 GBP
* only in combination with Monthly Subscription
to Managed Hosting Plan for 49 EUR per Month

Up to 5x faster Page Load Speeds
Optimized Hosting Plugins for WP
HTML Caching & CSS Minify
Max Image Compression
Free Website Migration
WebP Image Format
Cloudflare CDN
faster than the speed of light

Page Load Speed

Fact is, Google will penalize your website in their search rankings if the Page Load Speed is less than 3 seconds. 

It´s time to get out of that dirt-cheap overloaded multiclient hosting and hop on an award-winning WordPress hosting service. Just recently I migrated a client website from Strato to my agency server on Siteground and went from more than 7 seconds to under 2 seconds page load speed without changing anything about the website design at all.

Wanna know if your website is safe?

*get a full refund when you buy the All-Inclusive Package

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Managed Hosting & VIP Service

I know what you are thinking - "Why should I book a Managed Hosting service when I can get my own hosting account with Siteground and just give them access to my website?"

The simple answer is that I have years of experience in setting up and managing WordPress websites on this server. Or do you know how to set up DNS redirections for your domains, update your PHP version, set the DMARC records for your Email Server, or troubleshoot that caching plugin that broke your website?

No? Well, that´s why I offer a Managed Hosting with VIP Service. This means I care about everything, every time. No matter what happens, I fix it for you. And that comes All-Inclusive as well!


49 EUR*

equals 53 USD or 40 GBP
*Monthly Subscription

Award-Winning WordPress Hosting
Optimized Hosting Plugins for WP
Ultra Fast Cloud Servers
Free Website Migration
Managed VIP Service
Keep your Domain
Email Hosting
Cloudflare CDN
Advanced Security (Optional)
Server Location in Germany or USA

599 EUR*

equals 639 USD or 506 GBP
* only in combination with Monthly Subscription
to Managed Hosting Plan for 49 EUR per Month
- save 496€! -

Your Security Audit
Anti-Hacker Security
Backups & Restore
GDPR Compliance
Page Load Speed
Managed VIP Service
your best choice


Let me guess – by now you probably realize that you want the whole damn thing, right? You know what? That´s a very smart decision and I even give you a discount on that!

If you buy the All-Inclusive Package you will save 496 Euro! That’s basically one on us! You´re welcome 😉



As prominent cases from international brand names will testify, even the best-protected websites can be hacked. The job of the security setup as described on this page is to keep your website safe from the most common botnet and hacker attacks. But just in case something happens this setup makes sure the attack is detected and taken care of at once. It also ensures that the website can be restored to the last functional version at no additional cost.

The GDPR / CCPA component that is being used complies with the latest legislation but laws change and depending on your country there might be different rules of compliance. This service does not substitute for legal consultation and is not performed under the supervison of a legal lawyer. If in doubt, please consult a lawyer.