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Hi, my name is Thorsten. I am ranking in the Top 1% of more than 2.6 million people in the Advertising industry on LinkedIn. 

Ask me anything to get expert insights about AI marketing and feedback about your business model. Skip months of trial and error, if you take action now! 

Benefit from 2 Decades Of working With In-House Teams, Marketing Agencies & International Market Leaders 


"Working for Zalando was a dream come through. Finally someone who listened to my obsession for optimizing everything. Seven years of process iteration cycles let us take a manual task of 90 minutes to an automated AI system that took only 5 minutes start to finish, generating Millions in monthly sales."


"I started one of the first ecommerce stores in Germany selling overstock internationally when there wasn´t any ready-made cart system yet and the term multichannel was still unknown. Amazon was selling books and had no marketplace, eBay was brand new and Facebook did not even exist yet. "


"I have experienced every stage of retail: From designing fashion collections, buying at trade shows, multi-label distribution, visual merchandising, store and area management to training proactive sales to hundreds of staff members and selling 660k on the floor in the first month of opening a flagship store."

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What are we gonna talk about?

YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE! All the clever little secrets that will make your business shine like a star and your competitors say WTF?

Your Business Model

Especially your 3 biggest pain points and your quick wins. Get transform-ational insights to kickstart your business. Let´s fix anything that stops you from being successful.

AI Marketing Automation

If you don´t use AI-tools already, you are missing out big time! Your competitors use it to multiply their productivity, find new ideas and automate the heck out of everything 

Relentless Optimization

Humans avoid confrontation and the truth hurts, I get it. But nothing else but honest and relentless feedback will make you overcome the biggest pain points and set you up for lasting success.  

Breakthrough Call AI Marketing

Your Irresistible Offer

Build a product pyramid that naturally complements another. Make an irresistible offer and maximize your customer lifetime value with automated triggered up- and downsell customer journeys.

Advanced Sales Funnels

Find prequalified clients that say “Shut up & take my money” with cutting-edge AI-tools and strategies to multiply leads & cut costs in half.

Get a fresh Perspective

Sometimes we so immersed in our world that no one else understands us. Happens to everyone. Time to take a step back and get feedback from an external client viewpoint. 

Ready to transform your business in just 60 Minutes?

What can you expect from your Breakthrough Call?

Before your Breakthrough Call

Confusion about what is wrong and where to start changing anything.
You don´t know how to bundle your products and structure your pricing.
Duct-Tape Frankenstein approach with random tools that don´t work together or scale later.
Afraid of the AI Apocalypse, Automation in general and outsourcing tasks to remote VAs. 
Lack of motivation to get started without any accountability or strategic plan.
Lack of an experienced sparring partner to talk to whenever new issues arise.

After your Breakthrough Call

Get clear feedback of what´s wrong along with the easiest way to fix the biggest issues.
Make an irresistible offer that will fly off the shelves and creates raving fans. 
Identify the best tool setup for your individual use-case and future growth options. 
Understand how to make AI work for you and delegate the tasks that you don´t like.
Motivation on Steroids to fix your pain points immediately, with a structured action plan. 
Book individual mentoring calls whenever you feel the need without any fixed contracts. 

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